Personal Trainers
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A personal trainer is a qualified fitness instructor who provides 1-2-1 coaching sessions with clients. They agree goals with clients and provide advice, support and motivate their clients to archive their goals. A personal trainer will identify strengths and weakness with fitness assessments. Personal trainers provide nutrition advice and tend to provide a dietary plan alongside a training plan. Again this is dependent on your agreed goal. Weather that is to lose weight, build muscle or to obtain a general healthy wellbeing amongst other goals. Always check qualifications of personal trainer and check ratings and reviews on Check Fit from past and current clients. An unqualified or inexperienced personal trainer can lead to poor advice and poor form, which may result in injury and also you not achieving your goals. A good personal trainer will set realistic goals and set your expectations. All personal trainers should have gained their qualifications through a reputable personal trainer training organisation. Personal trainers can gain higher educational qualifications however must have gained basic qualifications in personal training first. All qualified personal trainers should be registered with a professional body such as REPs.