Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Asian Plaza is a registered trading name

Registered Office: 1st Floor 117 Soho Road Handsworth Birmingham B21 9ST Tel: 0121 515 1182

In General

To use, access, leave a review or subscribe your business or services to this website, you must agree to these terms and conditions.

Asian Plaza cannot be held responsible for the pricing, quality or competence of any services or information supplied by advertisers displayed on or linked to our pages.

Reviews of businesses and service providers published on Asian Plaza are the individual opinions and views of their author or any person. Neither Asian Plaza nor its owners will be held liable.

Business listings

Asian Plaza holds no responsibility for the accuracy of any published listing information.

To use our service a business must have a trading address for each business listing displayed. This is defined as a physical or virtual business center address. Any fake or false location will result in a listing not being approved or being removed.

With all free listings we will display business location and contact information. Other third party advertising may be displayed on the same page.

Signing up for a Business Listing will mean you will receive frequent email communications, some which may include promotional content.

All email details will remain confidential and will not be passed or sold on to a third party. A company can opt out at any time by contacting us.

Free listings are by their very nature part of a free service and we reserve the right to limit the number of listings per company, remove or ban if abuse is suspected. For companies with numerous locations, please contact us to find out more information.

For paid listing options companies are entering into a paid agreement with Asian Plaza, and we will display the business details on our database for the duration of the agreement.

By accepting these terms and conditions, you agree that you hold the relevant copyright to all images, logos and text that you place on our website and you are authorized to display any approved Trademark. Failure to comply with these conditions may result in Asian Plaza taking legal action in the event of any dispute.

Long term listings on Asian Plaza until either the customer requests in writing to have their listing removed. Or if contact details go out of date then the long term listing may be removed from the database.

Listings can choose to increase the number of categories, area of coverage, add premium content, add sponsored listings or add promotions to their page contacting us, these options can be purchased for 12 months or long term 5 years.

All paid listings will need to re-subscribe to retain the chosen options. If you decide not to re-subscribe your listing will revert to a basic listing.

By signing up to any type of listing on Asian Plaza the customer must understand that Asian Plaza will send an automated email before the expiry of the paid listing a month before to confirm address and email details.

This email will contain a confirmation link and will be sent to the email address we have for their listing. It is a customer’s responsibility to ensure any email contact details are kept-up-to date. If a business listing's details cannot be confirmed within 30 days of receiving an automated confirmation email then that listing will be removed from our database.

A listing can be cancelled at any time by contacting us and confirming cancellation in writing or email.

If for any reason a business no longer wishes to subscribe to the Asian Plaza services part or full refund of any subscription fees will be given.

Asian Plaza reserves the right to exclude or remove any business listing, either free or paid from the database at any time.

Examples include business no longer trading, adult related services such as erotic massages and escort services, complaints regarding obscene material and illegal business practices. No part or full refund of any subscription fees will be given, except with management discretion.

Business reviews:

The reviews of businesses and service providers published on Asian Plaza are posted by third parties and do not represent the opinion of Asian Plaza or its owners.

Asian Plaza assumes no responsibility for or is otherwise legally responsible for remarks posted upon this website by third parties even if those remarks are defamatory.

Asian Plaza strongly asks third parties to follow guidelines such as not leaving defamatory or abusive comments. Asian Plaza will take all reasonable measures to ensure only appropriate opinions are published by means of human or automated intervention, but will not partially edit or censor opinions. Opinions deemed inappropriate will be deleted. The final decision as to what is deemed appropriate and shall be allowed to be published on the website will be held by Asian Plaza.

To leave a review a reviewer must leave an email address. This email address will remain confidential and will not be used for any marketing purposes, except Asian Plaza with prior approval from the reviewer.

The reviewer must leave their name, telephone number and email address when adding a review. ONLY your name will be published with your review. Your telephone number and email will remain confidential and will only be used by a Asian Plaza member of staff to verify your review. Any review left with false details or without a name, email or phone number will be deleted.

Reviews are moderated and any perceived libel abuse or profanity will be deleted and will not go live.

If there is an issue with any particular comments or review then contact us, state the business name concerned and outline the issue. Asian Plaza are not a legal body and will act in what it believes to be the correct manner, unless ordered to do otherwise by an official legal representative.

Businesses will have the right to reply to any reviews left for their business listing. This can be done by logging into your listing editor. This means the business has the final say on any review left.

We will not remove negative reviews simply because a business asks us to. We may ask for proof of use of a service such as an invoice if a business doubts the authenticity of a reviewer.

If it is deemed to be a fair review by our customer services staff, then the comments will stand. In this case simply leave a right to reply to explain the situation. You can also enhance this by encouraging positive reviews from your customers to give a more balanced picture.

If a business demands that their listing is removed in order to remove any negative reviews, then that listing will be deleted completely, meaning any third party links to it or search engine indexing will be lost. If the listing is a paid listing including lifetime listings then there will be no refund due. The business will be subject to an exclusion period before being able to relist their services.

Posting on our business forum

Any forum threads and replies represent the views and are the responsibility of the author and not Asian Plaza.

Any uploaded images, videos, third party website links or content must be copyright free, or conform to any license or source acknowledgement requirements.

Review or forum information submitted to this website

In certain situations, outlined below, Asian Plaza will remove postings by third parties ("posters" or "users"), including, to wit:

(1) Asian Plaza is presented with a settlement agreement, resolving a dispute between the poster and any third party(ies) complaining about the posting, mandating that the posting be removed.

(2) The posting contains vulgar, profane, or obscene language.

(3) The posting contains adult material, including but not limited to, graphic images, written images, or links thereto.

(4) The posting does not relate to a valid commercial transaction and is not the type of posting for which the website is intended, namely the referral of UK businesses and service providers.

(5) The posting contains personal identifying information about another user of this website.

(6) The posting was posted by a user who submitted false contact information during the registration process and My Local Services is unable to contact the poster/user.

(7) Multiple copies of the same posting.

(8) The posting was made by a current owner, employee, former employee, or immediate family member of the company being reviewed.

If you believe that a user has posted material which meets one of the above conditions, then contact us or write to us at the address at the top of this page.

Intellectual property

Any communication or material other than your personal information submitted to this website by electronic mail is the exclusive property of Asian Plaza and is considered to be non-confidential and non-proprietary. Such communication may include without limitation questions, comments, suggestions and ideas. Asian Plaza shall be free to use them for any purpose whatsoever without restriction or compensation.

The copyright in this entire website, unless stipulated, is held by Asian Plaza. All material provided on this website is protected under international copyright laws and treaty provisions. Except as expressly provided herein, none of the material provided on this website may be copied, distributed, republished, reproduced, downloaded, displayed or transmitted in any form for commercial use without the prior written permission of Asian Plaza.

Any use of this website for telemarketing or direct marketing purposes is forbidden and any complaints will be fully investigated.


While we make every effort to keep Asian Plaza up-to-date and secure, we don’t provide any guarantees, conditions or warranties that the information will be:




Free from bugs or viruses.

We are not liable for any loss or damage that may come from using this website, including:

Any direct, indirect or consequential losses.

Any loss or damage caused by civil wrongs (‘tort’, including negligence), breach of contract or otherwise the use of this and any websites that are linked to or from it.

The inability to use this website and any websites that are linked to or from it.

This applies if the loss or damage was foreseeable, arose in the normal course of things or you advised us that it might happen. This includes (but isn’t limited to) the loss of your:

Income or revenue.

Salary, benefits or other payments.


Profits or contracts.


Anticipated savings.


Goodwill or reputation.

Tangible property.

Intangible property, including loss, corruption or damage to data or any computer system wasted management or office time.


Your use of this website signifies that you have read, understand and agree to be bound by the terms of this Agreement.