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Covid-19 and How We Support Your Business

With Britain on a lockdown due to the outburst of the Corona Virus, businesses small and large seem to be a little lost and may find it hard to come to terms of not being able to operate efficiently without a shop front or office space. Questions has raised in regards to where businesses can start to save money and one of these sectors is MARKETING.


Rule Number 1.

Do not make your business un-busy (I may have made this word up).


Although you may not have a shop front or office space at the moment this does not mean you should take a step back when it comes to progression for your business. A strong business will adapt to any situation even if it has to sell a sci-fi book to aliens. This is why we are here for at AP Digital Marketing.


We plan to carry on supporting our clients during this tough time even if it means financial budgets are cut. YOU KNOW WHY THIS IS?


Because we care, we want our new and existing clients to be successful online. At this present moment in time we are carrying in as usual with out social media management packages to help our clients get the most out of their business during this huge hurdle we are having to jump as a Nation.


What are we offering at AP Digital Marketing:

cool A free review of your social media platforms.

cool Free Social Media Management for 1 month for businesses struggling due to Covid -19.

cool A free Website Review.

cool Free Promotions on our Online Directory www.asianplaza.co.uk (its not just for Asians).

cool Free Online Marketing Advise.


We live in an age were the World Wide Web is out portal to access everything and anything we wish from the comfort of our own homes. Why not use the tools that have been put together for us by a bunch of geniuses. Use apps like Zoom to hold business meetings and to catch up with clients. Use Your social media platforms and don’t be afraid to be different. 


Last but not least we urge everyone to stay safe, keep loved ones safe and to keep on marketing.



Contact us on info@apdigitalmarketing.co.uk

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