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Can't Stop, Won't Stop!

Can't Stop, Won't Stop!

Many brands have been trying to break into the makeup industry with a wide range of foundations, Fenty beauty being one of them. Brands have been working really hard to make the foundation range inclusive for everyone. The NYX Can't Stop Won't Stop foundation has been the talk of the town. I have been looking for a good, light weight, full coverage foundation for a while. So I wanted to put NYX foundation to the test.

It is a 24 hour full coverage drugstore foundation, you can find this foundation in Debenhams or Boots (some cities have the single standing NYX stores - Birmingham Bullring) and it comes in 45 shades. Now, that's a lot of shades. The shade range presents different undertones, I don't see anyone having an issue finding a match. I only needed one foundation, no mixing for me. To help customers find the right shade without worrying (some people tend to buy 2 shades to mix together), NYX decided to add both name shades and numerics. Some of the shades have decimals which is used as an indicator for different undertones and shades. This is really clever. I'm not a fan of guessing my foundation by reading the names.

'Can't Stop Won't Stop Foundation hustles as hard as you do

My skin type - Oily

As I have oily skin, I worry that foundation may transfer onto my clothes. The coverage is Matte which is great, this means I can powder the oily areas when needed. However, I have found that the foundation does matify my complexion and I have powdered once a day. The colour does not change. This is important to me and I think many people can agree that a foundation that oxidises is a pain in the butt. The application of the foundation is flawless. A little bit goes a long way and covered my imperfections. The foundation glides on so easily and can be blended out with a beauty blender or a buffer brush (I use the Zoeva 104 Buffer brush - £14.99). The result is unbelievable. You can apply one layer and it leaves a natural finish but if you want to build the foundation for a glam look you can do that too.

The packaging is basic. In my eyes, this is perfect because you want a foundation that isn't complicated to use and the application is easy. Its comes with a pump and that makes life easier. One pump can give you the natural look and two or three pumps will give the full glam. The worst thing in my eyes is no pump and trying to figure out how much foundation you need and the excess goes to waste.

Overall, I love this foundation. It only costs £15.00. A 24 hour, full coverage foundation costs £15.00 only, this is perfectly priced for an amazing foundation. I was very skeptical about this first as it was advertised with such positives and I hoped that this foundation lived up to that...and it did. It is very light and you don't even realise you have foundation on. The only negative I can say, is the smell. I'm not a fan of strong scented foundations, I can't even describe to you what it smells like. However, the scent is not stuck with you all day, it does go.

If you try this foundation, let me know what you think about it.

Manpreet x

Contact: manpreetbeauty@hotmail.com

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