Welcome to the world of social media, the marketing media that has taken over the world when it comes to advertising your business effectively. Every business has a different target market but if you think about it, marketing on social media gives you a market of over 2 billion active customers around the world.

Marketing is always down to planning, we plan a strategy for your business that will deliver, deliver in terms of exposure, which then turns into leads, which then turns into profit. Our dedicated social media team put together posts and content to help take you business to the next level.

Social Media Management Process

Market Research

  • Identify you Online Target Market.
  • Identify Competitors.
  • Know your USP and how to implement it.


  • We put together a marketing strategy.
  • Plan on how to advertise depending on trends.


  • Designs and content are produced for social media.
  • Dare to be different and unique.


  • Reports would be sent monthly or quarterly to
  • show how well your marketing is going.

Social Media Start Up For Business

Social Media Start Up Package

Your business online presence is critical, when marketing on social media you must have strategy in place to really push your products and services to the right target market which will generate you sales. We help build and strategise a marketing plan bespoke to your business to help drive visitors to your website and social media platforms. Having a social media platform and plan in place will help build your brand awareness, customer acquisition and lead generation.

What Steps Do We Take???
1. Build or Improve on Social Media Platforms.

As mentioned, social media has become the marketing powerhouse and has the power to attract visitors, generate new leads and increase business revenue. But it only works when you do it right, this is the only way to achieve your desired results.

We will build your social media pages complete with your business information and using the correct image sizes. If you already have social media pages set up we can look into how to improve the information already input and build the page around this.

2. Create a Content Strategy.

Creating a strategy we will start researching targeted demographics and customer behaviors, this will allow us to put together a marketing plan to target the perfect audience for your business.

Market research is critical when implementing a strategy, this will allow us and your business to understand your target market, the frequency of posting online and what kind of posts customers are engaging with most.

3. Time to Start Posting Online.

Following the marketing strategy and research the next step is to start posting o your social media platforms. We will create graphics and content write ups for posts and start marketing online. From this point on is where the magic starts, frequently posting on social media will guarantee building exposure to start generating leads from your online social media presence.

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