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The Eye Opener

Is Covid-19 the eye opener we needed?


As business professionals we participate in the classic rat race every single day. We wake up get ready and are out the door to make as much money as we can to support our families and to support our lifestyles. Many of us have day to day routines and organisation, we wake up, we freshen up, we have breakfast, we have a meeting at 9, 10, 11, 12 o'clock, we have a structured routine to carry out our work from 1pm to 6pm then we are on our way home spending time with the family or having dinner and we are off to bed ready for the same tomorrow...


Some of us do this every single day and we never stop to look at the bigger picture. Now the questions are circling around our minds do we look after ourselves? How can I do better? Am I doing what I love? Or am I doing this to just survive the chaos of the world?...


Take a moment and just think about them questions. I believe we are using this time of being forced to stay indoors to perfect our businesses and to try and run our day to day events using the Internet and different Apps that help us interact with others.  This is all fine but take a minute to close your eyes and think about your health and how to make that better, take a minute to stop watching the news and checking your WhatsApp about random cures and conspiracies regarding Covid-19. Think about why you do what you do and your self happiness.


Our eyes have been opened to the fact that we can be controlled and told to do certain things by listening to the people sitting on the higher chairs no matter how successful you are and our minds can be manipulated into believing every little thing the media tells us. Fear has been installed into us by listening to the tragic news articles that are being published and what others are telling you but we do not hear about the people how have beaten this Virus and how have survived it. 


Here’s a piece of advice which only a few people will tell you and if you are reading this on the internet then IT MUST BE TRUE... The first step to beating this virus and every other hurdle in life is MINDSET... YOU CAN BEAT THIS WE CAN DO THIS WE WILL SUCCEED... A POSITIVE MINDSET IS THE GREATEST HEALER.


We are humans... be the best human you can be.


Date: 03/04/2020

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